Epoxy Floors Make For Durable and Easy to Maintain Surfaces

Epoxy floor coatings are increasingly being used for industrial floors and floors in commercial establishments. They can be provided over concrete floors to make the surface durable, smooth and capable of high performance. They are easy to clean and maintain and can ensure safe working conditions.

Epoxy floors will create a surface that has a high gloss and this makes interior surfaces brighter. The surface is durable and can easily withstand continuous heavy traffic. Its installation does not require any special tools. It resists water and oil stains, is easy to clean, and the surface created is seamless and can last for many years. It can be combined with colors and paints that can help in the masking of cracks and chips. Its chemical resisting properties make it ideal for use in manufacturing plants. You can easily add anti-slip additives that will increase safety. Applying it in different patterns or colors can help in differentiating the use of the flooring areas. Over everything, is the ability of the epoxy to prevent the wear and tear of concrete. It is also very easy to maintain.

what is epoxy flooring

The concrete surface on which the epoxy is to be applied needs to be clean, and if its slightly porous, this can help the epoxy to adhere to the surface properly. It will not bond easily with concrete that has been polished or sealed in any way. Before any application, the floor must be completely cleaned of dirt, oil, and grease, and any chips and cracks must be repaired and allowed to cure.

An epoxy coating comes as a two-part liquid that needs to be mixed before it is applied. The mixing starts the hardening process, and therefore it is important that the coating is applied in the limited time it has before it starts to harden. Temperatures must be neither too high or too low, as this can cause the epoxy to peel and bubble. Epoxies are best applied over primers and given a finisher coat. Primers are best applied over a thin layer of water.

Epoxy coatings are economical and the fact that they can be easily applied over most types of flooring reduces their cost of installation. These coatings are also resistant to germs and bacteria, and this makes them ideal for use in clinics and hospitals. Skid resistance can be increased by texturizing the floor before the epoxy is applied.

Epoxy flooring application and installation must follow the instructions of the manufacturer closely so that you get the promised performance.

Article by Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast.