The Most Common Roof Problems

common_problems_of_roofsYour roof is a long-term investment. However, there are a few roofing problems that you might encounter that will threaten the durability of your roof altogether. Here are some of the common roofing problems to check out.

1. Leaks

Most homeowners face roof leaks numerous times. They could be caused by cracked flashing or broken slates, missing shingles, broken tiles and much more, depending on the type of roof on your home. Most roof leaks occur in specific areas such as the skylight, valleys, gutters, near the chimney and much more. Damp walls and discolored ceilings are the notable signs for roof leaks. Therefore, be on the lookout for these signs and contact a professional roofer immediately to avoid further damage.

2. Holes And Punctures

Over the lifetime of your roof, it’s going to experience some punctures and holes, especially from birds and other wildlife scraping over it. Depending on the intensity, these scrapes might become simple puncture marks or big holes. With time, the damage will build up and affect the underlying wood. Eventually, rot will develop because of the moisture. You need to be on the lookout for these holes and punctures that might affect the functionality and durability of your roof and repair them immediately.

3. Shrinking Roofs

Depending on the weather or season, your roof might expand or shrink. If it does so, there are a few problems that might come up. For instance, there might be cracking, deterioration and pulling apart of integral parts of the roof such as the flashing. Well, whenever that happens, you need to contact the professionals who can diagnose the issue and come up with a proper method to repair the roof shrinkage without damaging the underlying structure.

4. Pooling Water In The Roof

During the cold season or rainy weather, water might start making small pools on your roof. It might not be an issue immediately but in the long run you should expect a myriad of problems. If you have a flat roof, you should be especially worried about this. You can prevent further damage by creating tapered areas on the surface of the roof. The slopes allow the water to run off to the gutter or onto the ground thus preventing water damage on your roof.

In conclusion, a regular and properly installed roof should last as long as 50 years and more. However, to achieve this, you need to watch out for these and more problems that might cause irreparable damage.

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