Types Of Roofs

types of roofs

One of the most important aspects of a property is the roof. A qualified roofing professional is necessary to install a new roof. Up for selection are numerous variations of roofs, of which each has its own requirements and needs. A roof is the most noticeable part of a house, it shapes the property whilst protecting all the inhabitants from the outside world. Additionally, roofs with good insulations are able to supply extra space and are more durable when it comes to harsh weather. Nowaday, there are many types of roofs that are available to consumers. Following are some of the most common versions;

Hip Roof

This version spans equally to every side of the home. Each side is installed at the same time and they will all meet once the roof is entirely installed where they will create a ridge. Hip roofing is most endorsed in areas that are constantly exposed to harsh storms and strong winds. The inner sloping of each corner of the roof results in a more durable and stronger roof than gable roofing, this a great advantage of hip roofing.


Hip roofing is typically expensive to both install and upkeep.

Gable Roof

This variant is also  commonly known as peaked or pitched roofing. The United States prefers this style of roofing and they are easily recognisable by their triangular shape.


The triangular shape allows for great air flow and for the ease of rain and snow to fall off. They are also cost-effective to maintain.


It is not recommended to have gable roofing in areas that are subject to high speed winds and storms. They can collapse in these conditions if not correctly installed.

Mansard Roof

An exclusive form of roofing that is sometimes called French roofing. Mansard roofing is pitched and the sides can be either curved or flat. This decision is yours and impacts the overall aesthetics of the house. A contractor can be inquired for a professional opinion concerning your situation and wishes.


This style is chosen by people generally due to the increased living area that it allows. This space is known as a garret and it is typically why this variation is chosen.


Not generally selected in areas with high snowfall.

Flat Roof

These roofings are flat, as the name suggests, and a few pitched locations can be found in order to see that rain is appropriately disposed of. Generally, this form of roofing was used purely in industry. However, it can be found increasingly in residential houses.


The shape of the roof allows for placement of extras on it. These could span from temperature control systems to even gardens.

Selecting the correct variation of roofing to suit your desires and wishes is important, however, the durability and resilience of the chosen roof type is of utmost importance. To ensure this is appropriately considered, making sure you inquire for the help of a professional, licensed roofer will not only ensure you make the right choice but also that the job is done successfully and correctly.

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About Solar Rooftop Panels

When acquiring a property one of the things to consider these days is if the house has solar panels or if the house is able to have solar panels installed. This can actually be a financial advantage and can even help to potentially reduce the payments that you need to make on your mortgage.

Before I get started on this I would like to mention that each city, state and country has different rules and regulations regarding power consumption, solar panels and potentially selling the power back to the grid. However that being said, look into your local laws and get yourself educated as there even some financial incentives in such countries and Australia for the installation of solar panels.  There are also options to lease solar panels in some areas.

If the house already has solar panels?

If the property you intend to purchase already has solar panels you will want as much information as you can regarding their condition and their output. Find out from the owner how old they are and if there is any warranty left on them. I would highly recommend getting an expert such as Roof Restoration South Adelaide to inspect the entire roof as well as the solar panels and give you a written report on the condition with an estimate of the price of repairs if at all required. I would also get a copy of all the previous owners power bill records so that you know how much they are saving you in electricity bill payments. You should also keep in mind that over time most panels do become less efficient.

If the house does not already have panels.

There are many things to consider when looking at solar panels, these include if your roof is in good enough condition for installation, if you get enough sun and how many you need to acquire and install. This will all effect exactly how much energy your property and solar panels will produce. As there is a wide range of options I would recommend obtaining multiple quotes on the cost of the installation and panels.

Solar panels can be a financially helpful and environmentally conscious way to reduce your bills and take some pressure off of your mortgage repayments. This information is of general interest and does not take into account your personal circumstances.